Thursday, 21 January 2010

Gifted Art

The idea of free art has been around for a long time. Artists hang out with each other and often give their art to friends. It's a lovely idea and one that street art is founded on. Street artists work is meant to be appreciated by a wide audience. It's something I am very grateful for as I find museums and galleries stifling and sterile. So thanks to artists who offer their work up for free, I can see pieces just by walking around the city.

Duchamp was an early gifter. Fountain, his urinal piece was given to an exhibition in 1917 under the pseudonym R. Mutt. He wanted to push the Dada movement, which proponed anti-art, anti-rational beliefs. More here on Wikpedia

Street artists work is free, it is a gift for people. Artists create artwork because they have to, it's like a compulsion, normally the process is what absorbs them and once the piece is done they let it go. It then belongs to the people for everyone to enjoy. They're not out to make money, not from their pieces on the streets at least. There are certainly more people in it to gain recognition and fame especially in London and New York where street art buyers are plentiful. But in Buenos Aires the artists don't expect money, recognition or fame. The art is made for the love of it.

This van was abandoned in Congreso and was changed into a work of art by Grolou. And is still there for all to see and appreciate.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Juana De Arco


Such a beautiful store on El Salvador and Gurruchaga. The clothes are colourful, feminine and made using traditional weaving methods. Lingerie too. Like works of art. They do pouff style cushions which i am lusting after. A colourful delight.

El Salvador 4762.

Monday, 2 March 2009

oui oui je t'aime

Oui oui is a darling little cafe, inconspicuously positioned in Palermo Hollywood yet drawing in tonnes of people throughout the day. The lemonade, made with ginger and mint is a favourite, as are the ample salads which always contain some tasty extra ingredients you weren't expecting. What makes it so special though is the blend of kitsch and french eccentricity which gives it a really homey yet interesting vibe.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

not a tourist

This wicked stencil by the collective rundontwalk nicely sums up my silly indignant attitude when people assume i'm travelling